Eating at UTC: Freshëns Smoothie Review

Eating at UTC: Freshëns Smoothie Review

By Stephanie Swart, Photo Editor

As a five-month-old pescatarian, I now understand the limitations imposed on non-meat-eating students at UTC. Don’t get me wrong, I loved a good Chick-fil-A sandwich or a Moe’s chicken bowl, but where were the veggies?

The addition of Lupton Hall’s Freshëns Fresh Food Studio is a move in the right direction for folks like me at UTC. The range of options at Freshëns include grilled flatbreads, salads, rice bowls and smoothies. Finally, a dining option specifically catered to all non-meat-eaters, with the exception of a few chicken addition options. My choices are no longer limited; everything on the menu offers me a well-rounded mix of fruits and veggies.

Now I don’t usually give myself this much credit, but I am what one could call, a smoothie connoisseur. I spent two long summers and one cold winter break working at my hometown’s various Smoothie King locations. I consumed all kinds of smoothies during every shift. The only way to keep myself entertained was to make the most random smoothie concoctions. After trying countless ingredient variations and experimenting with flavors, I have become a credible smoothie reviewer.

The smoothie menu at Freshëns offers a delightful variety of ingredients. I ordered a large Apple Kiwi Kale from the Wellness Blends section of the menu. The listed ingredients include apples, fresh kale, kiwi-lime, orange and banana. Do not be alarmed by the green color, you can hardly taste the kale! I tend to choose smoothies that have greens in them because of their lack of taste when mixed with fruits. I took a chance in ordering a large, but it paid off. From my first sip, I was hooked. The consistency was nearly perfect. It was blended for just the right amount of time to bond each ingredient. I could pick out the kiwi flavor easily, but it was not too overpowering. The hint of lime offered a nice flare. Out of all of its ingredients, kiwi was the primary taste with banana taking second place. Overall, Freshëns has my stamp of approval. I would definitely purchase another one of their smoothies.

Hopefully UTC continues to add healthier and veggie friendly options for us non-meat-eaters. Thanks, Frëshens!


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