AAFES to ‘freshen’ up food choices

AAFES to ‘freshen’ up food choices

More healthy food options are coming to some Army and Air Force installations, with the addition of Freshëns Fresh Food Studio restaurants to the menu of eateries doing business on military installations.

Freshëns offers healthy, fresh prepared-to-order items such as hand-crafted crepes, salads, rice bowls, artisan flatbreads, smoothies and yogurt. Army and Air Force Exchange officials are still finalizing the number of locations and opening dates, but the plan is to open at least four Freshëns locations within a year, according to an exchange service announcement.

“Offering a variety of choices is important, and restaurants such as Freshëns bring several new healthy options to the table,” Nalan Howard, AAFES restaurant program planner, said in the announcement.

Rich Pickering, AAFES vice president of food and fuel, described the restaurants as “fast casual,” which is popular with millennials, the 18- to 29-year-old demographic that a key part of AAFES’ customer base.


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